Future of flying could be supersonic, superfast windowless planes

It was meant to happen sooner or later. Ever since Star Wars, we have imagined sitting in an intergalactic ship and travelling around the special bodies of space. Or, see advancement in the way we fly now and cut short air travel time to a quarter of its current durations. Dutch airlines company KLM is a progressive thinker and they have partnered with a group of progressive academics to embrace progressive technology. In simpler diction, KLM is part of a study called AHEAD conducted by the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands. AHEAD, which stands for Advanced Hybrid, Engine Aircraft Development, is a long-term study done by experts in the field of aviation and academics in the field of science and technology to take flying to an era of change.

The aircraft model looks like an eagle. It has blended wings that is seamlessly connected to the aircraft and not separately attached (observe the wings the next time you fly). This design could reduce drag which means faster reach to the destination, and lesser fuel consumption. The study is extensive and partners like KLM could help it come to fruition in the future. However it will take time. If not you, your child could be sitting in one of these super-efficient, super-fast, super-stylish aircrafts and globe-trotting like our fathers did in an Asian tuk-tuk. KLM is an airline of the future, no doubt. There is no idle moment with them, it seems. Sometime back they became the first airline to making bookings and paying through Facebook and Twitter. Although KLM is one of the only airlines to be involved in such studies, several other organisations and design companies are already working on concepts on changing the face of commercial flying. NASA is currently developing commercial supersonic aircraft with other companies. An overview of the hybrid variations shows that the future of air travel is windowless cabins.

[KLM via Telegraph]

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