Go green and you can travel for free in Rome

Incentivizing the public for treating the environment right may not always work. However, a recent initiative in Rome seems to have hit just the target, with the Romans now queuing up in huge numbers to recycle trash waste in exchange for a metro ride! Yes, that’s right! To effectively solve the waste management problem in the city, Government authorities have come up with an ingenious idea that the citizens seem to love!

Launched by the Italian capital’s public transport company ATAC, the ‘plastic-for-tickets’ venture as it is called allows passengers to deposit plastic bottles at metro stations in exchange for a €0.05 credit that can be spent to purchase online tickets. Commuters will need to download an app to register the number of tickets they have earned based on the number of bottles fed into the recycling machines. The environment-friendly project is currently in place at three stations (as part of a 12-month testing period) and is a much-needed development considering the growing waste management problems in the city.

Commenting on Rome’s plastic disposal woes, President of the environment group Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani, said: “Rome has failed to create an efficient system for differentiated waste collection, as Milan has done, and it has not built the recycling plants that are fundamental for a city where three million people live. If the waste treatment plant is closed and no recycling plants are created on the territory, the waste will continue to be exported outside the region as it is today.” Here’s hoping that the plastic-for-tickets is nothing but success!


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