Go Green! Thanks to Silverjet and The CarbonNeutral Company

When you fly from one destination to the other, the only thing that bothers us the delay in schedule or lost baggage. We have never stopped to ponder about the amount of fuel burned during the flight and the repercussion of the carbon dioxide has on our environment. But thanks to the U.K. based Silverjet and The CarbonNeutral Company, the next time you use this budget airline, there will be a mandatory surcharge on your ticket that goes to the carbon offsetting projects. This scheme will ensure that every tonne of CO2 associated with your flight is matched by one tonne saved through climate-friendly projects around the world. The Jamaican energy-efficient project and New Zealand wind farm are prime examples of their efforts. Well, its good to know that in this commercial world, there are a few who would like to do something for the environment that we all live in. Way to go Silverjet!


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