God bless capitalism – Now you can buy a walk on role at the iconic Sydney Opera house

The Sydney Opera house is certainly breaking the monotony of plain-Jane opera performances. After hosting its first ever mass sleepover, the iconic art hub is now set to offer visitors a unique opportunity to jump right on stage instead of being refined to the audience seats. That’s right! You can now star in classic operas like Carmen, La Traviata, or La Bohème and bask in the glory of a massive, gawking audience. The minor catch though is, you have to purchase your role and all the glamour it promises for the day at a nominal (or not) price.

For US$3,630, the lucky guest will get to visit the Opera Australia studio where a costume dresser fits him/her in an appropriate designer costume, while the assistant director tours him/her through the series of on-stage events that await. On the night of the performance, the chosen ones will enter with the cast via the stage door and proceed to get their hair and make-up fixed (to stunningly look their role of an opera performer). Once done, they join the chorus on stage in front of an audience of 1,500 people, including a chosen family member or friend of their choice!

This exclusive walk -on role can be purchased for either of the available time slots i.e. between 15 January to 1 April 2017, 1 January to 31 March 2018 or 1 July to 31 August 2018. If you re someone who has always dreamt of being a classic singing star, here’s your chance to buy yourself a once in a lifetime performance at the legendary Sydney Opera house!

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