Gold leaf is most expensive food in the world for $15,000 per pound!

It may be a tough or rather impossible task to see air, touch music, or taste money. But even the word impossible says I’m possible and guess what you can taste money in the form of gold. Today, gold leaves sit atop spectacular desserts and twinkle as they flutter to the bottom of champagne flutes. Fortune Small Business, a magazine in the CNN-Time Warner family, named gold leaf as the most valuable food per pound on the planet. I can see the white truffles, caviar, and saffron goes green with envy as gold leaf beats them and tops the chart. While gold leaf cost a staggering $15,000 per pound (I’d rather starve), white truffles, caviar, and saffron were priced at $6,000, $1,550, and $1,500 per pound respectively.

Gold has been a part of our long food history since long as it is a non-toxic metal and consuming it isn’t really that big a deal, you gotta change your perspective and your bank balance too. It made its place in liqueurs centuries ago and even today, some liqueurs like Goldschläger glitter with gold leaf as a novelty. Not to forget opera cake that flaunts the crumbled pieces of gold as toppings and signature Martinis. You may wear gold but if you are eating it too you have truly arrived!

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