Golden Spike promises a trip to the Moon for $800 million

On the eve of Apollo 17’s 40th anniversary, a startup company called the Golden Spike promises commercial trips to the moon by the year 2020. Apollo 17 first put a man on the moon; unmanned probes have periodically visited it. Move over Virgin Galactic and Xcor Lynx, for a paltry $800 million, the Golden Spike is offering a round trip to the moon. Finally, women can demand they get the moon that they have been promised for so long. The company has announced that each surface expedition will include a minimum surface stay time of 36 hours, two moonwalks, and the use of a standard surface expedition tool kit. Add-on packages include cameras and optional add-on packages. The baggage allowance on such a flight is 50 kg which I have to say if I’m paying $800 million, I expect a lot more. Orbital expeditions, however, will cost a mere $450 million for the more frugal traveler.

The Golden Spike’s target crowd is customers interested in everything from scientific exploration to ticking the moon off their bucket list. If the company can actualize these plans, then Paris is sure to lose their honeymooning tourists, because really, how can anyone compete with the romance of the moon.

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