Your guide to the beautiful Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a lesser known gem along the Caribbean coast and that’s exactly what makes it hot on a traveler’s dream list. Amidst miles of pearly white sands and sparkling blue waters, it from a perfect getaway that lovingly withdraws you from the hustle of city life. Since the island has remained rather untouched, your first maneuvers across it may seem a little hassled. Having said that there are no shortage of fine restaurants, luxury hotels and nightspots. Those seeking the local experience can also opt for Turks and Caicos home rentals. However, we have hand-picked the best of Turks and Caicos’ luxurious extravaganza for you, in the guide below:

What to expect:
If buzzing markets and noisy discotheques are what you fancy, Turks and Caicos is probably not for you. The Idyllic Caribbean beauty is best suited for those who wish to relax, lay low and just ponder at the beauties of nature. That being said, it also promises a bit of adventure, fun and frolic for the lively souls. Here’s what you can engage in on your next trip to the fabulous island of Turks and Caicos:

Turks and Caicos is ideal for beach-bums who cannot have enough of the tides and turfs! Being part of the third largest coral system in the world, it makes home to some of the best and cleanest beaches in the country. Find below, a list of the best beaches on the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos:

1. Grace Bay:
Grace Bay beach is a part of Providenciales -the largest city of Turks and Caicos. It is probably the most well-known beach on the island and hence can be seen bustling with people round the clock. It consists of 12 miles of ash laden sands and open crystalline waters that mesmerize you the minute you step foot on them. Some of the best hotels, restaurants and water sport facilities are also located near the public beach of Grace Bay.

2. Taylor Bay:
Those hunting for some solace can head to the pristine beach of Taylor Bay. Located on the southwest coast of Prove, it is a divine haven for families and travelers that are looking for some ‘me time’. Its remoteness makes the beach rather difficult to find but its white sand fills and crystal-clear water more than make up for any loss of time. Do not miss spotting starfishes while swimming across the shallow waters of the beach!

3. Governor’s Beach:
Located on the southwestern coast of Grand Turk, Governor’s is another popular beach of Turks and Caicos. It is particularly crowded on cruise ships days and is ideal for snorkeling and other water sports. It offers spectacular views of the Governor’s residence as well as some of the best corals underwater. Visit it during sunset to catch the rare ‘Green Flash’ phenomena in its waters, only if your luck so permits!

4. Pillory Beach:
A stone’s throw from Governor’s Beach, Pillory is a diver’s paradise! Its powdery sands, small waves and rich waters full of drums and eagle ray fish make it ideal for a one-day getaway. It is a short taxi ride from the cruise port and an absolute must-visit for those who prefer the laid-back life.

Adventure Sports:
Turks and Caicos caters to adventure junkies in the right measure. From snorkeling, deep-water diving and more, it provided ample avenues for those seeking some adrenaline rushes. For water sports can one can head to Smith’s Reef or Bright Reef that are popular for snorkeling and diving on the island. Those willing to do engage in the unordinary can also try their hand at Horse-back riding (costing $75 for an hour-long session) as a way explore the island in a unique way! Additionally, one can visit the Prove Golf Club for a game of golf coupled with high-tees costing anywhere between $80-$180 USD.

Apart from its beaches, Turks and Caicos has a vast history that can be evidently seen in its museums. The two storied Turks and Caicos Museum, for starters, (for a minimal $7 fee) provides an interesting insight into the island’s natural history. It talks volumes about the Molasses Reef Wreck and the slave ship of Trouvador and comes with a library of its own. One can also visit the Cheshire Hall that is essentially a cotton plantation that boasts of rare and local plants varieties like the Guinea Grass and Cow Bush. The island’s Middle Caicos Caves (Conch Bar Caves) are also worth a visit as they are the largest chain of limestone Caves in the Caribbean. Additionally, day trips to ‘Salt Cay’ and ‘Iguna Islands’ are ideal for those visiting Turks and Caicos for a longer duration.

Where to Stay:
The island offers a range of hotels that provide one with the best of leisure and luxury. Some of the most popular names for families or those preferring well-connected havens, are The Alexandra, Sands at Grace Bay and The Regent Grand. From kid’s clubs, tennis courts to in-house boutiques, these fabulous hotels provide a bit of everything for practically everyone! Those willing to stay away from all the humdrum though can opt for the Beach House Turks and Caicos or the luxurious and slightly over-priced Parrot Cay by Coma. Additionally, for saving a buck or two, budget friendly hotels like the Villa del Mar near Grace Bay beach can be preferred.

The island of Turks and Caicos has all that it takes for a perfect holiday. It has a dry and tropical climate round the year, making it ideal for flaunting that summer body. Although pricey, it promises you the best of exotica, that commercialized locales often fail to provide. Transportation on the island is an easy deal with private cars, bikes and (rather expensive) taxi rides being easily available! So if money isn’t coming in your way, a trip to Turks and Caicos is what you should plan for quenching that wanderlust!

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