Harrods iconic entrance is set for a £20 million makeover

London’s most popular departmental store is revamping its look to receive guests with more grandeur! Harrods, founded in 1834 and first to bring the ‘moving staircase’ (escalators) to England, is going all out with the old eighties installments, and bringing in a bigger entrance hall, sixteen new double-escalators, restoration of old windows and a glass dome.

The project, taken on by Make Architects – a firm with a global presence, will begin in January’16 with the installations of the new nickel bronze clad escalators and will continue well into 2017 or longer, for the rest of the work on the Hans Crescent entrance. An estimate of a £20 million is the project investment cost, which is probably just a small blip in the books of the store when tallied with its iconic, global brand name and the years of upmarket service. The glass dome is probably what would be the biggest change not only to the internal structure, with the inflow of more natural light, but also to its façade. We can’t imagine a change like that making its way into to decades-old iconic London structure of the Knightsbridge and Chelsea Borough! According to the managing director, Michael Ward, this money will only go into keeping competition at bay.

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[ Via : Standard ]

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