Have a look at Norway’s all new whale-watching museum

Norway is home to some of the most stunning architectural wonders in the world. And adding yet another name to the country’s long list of man-made beauties is an unreal and uber-inspiring Whale Museum that aims to “create awareness and inspire learning and conservation of whales and their environment” in the nation.

Designed by Danish studio Dorte Mandrup, ‘The Whale’ as it is also dubbed is proposed to look like the sea animal itself. The curved structure is strategically located in Andenes, a tiny coastal village at the tip of the northernmost island in the Vesterålen archipelago that is also famed for being one of the best places to spot migrating whales in the world.

Once complete, the museum will serve as educational ground for the thousands of tourists that visit to Andenes annually. Its shell-like rooftop will also double as a viewing platform for guests to spot the pilot, minke, and sperm whales that are drawn to the waters around the village every year between June to August. The museum will further boast 4,500 square meters of exhibition space lined with floor-to-ceiling glazing, alongside offices, a cafe and a shop.

Commenting on project, firm founder and creative director Dorte Mandrup said, “Located this far North, Andøya is a unique place and The Whale an extraordinary project,” He further added, “Not only will we be creating architecture in yet another remarkable landscape, but we will also take part in increasing the understanding of whales and preservation of marine life.”

The Whale is expected to open in 2022. Fancy paying it a visit?


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