Here are the 11 best Airline meals in first and business class

Flying business or first class is definitely a treat. The abundant access to luxury comes in form of beds, complimentary drinks, better entertainment, privacy and personal space, on-ground lounges and so much more. For the most part, not a lot of travelers pay attention to flight food, but we do think it makes a difference when you know what to expect. Here’s a list of the top 11 current menus making the rounds up in the air, as compiled by The Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. Bon Appétit!

11. Virgin America First Class
Food Specialty: The current menu for the trans-North American airlines has a special Chicken and Artichoke dish that is at the top of the list of favorites from their ever changing menu. The tender chicken breast is marinated with herbs and cooked with giant beans and served with seared artichoke, roasted radishes and caramelized fennel. The dish is also topped with sherry chicken jus. The alternative to the chicken is a Korean ‘mixed rice’ (bibimbap) and coq au vin with some slow braised short rib which is also quite the meal.
The experience: Virgin America flights are built for short-haul distances and hence don’t have stretch out beds but they do make up for that with spacious leg-room and recliners. Every chair has a personal entertainment system that also has the option to get movies, music etc. on-demand so travelers are not limited by choices. Priority check-ins and securities ensure you get special treatment from the ground onwards.

10. Austrian Airlines Business Class
Food Specialty: Besides the onboard flying chef that adds personal touches to every meal or the sommeliers that help pick wines for meals, the coffee house is the real limelight stealer. Aboard, business class passengers can choose from 10 different kinds of coffees, all freshly brewed and native to Vienna. The coffee is served with traditional Austrian bundt cake. And of course, you could get seconds.
The experience: Austrian Airlines Business Class passengers get a wide variety of special wines to choose from for their meal or recreational purposes. The long-haul flights also come with air cushions that resemble normal bed mattress. Besides access to the latest entertainment the seat also has an integrated massage function for the utmost relaxation. The comfort kit, which includes personal amenities, as well as the personal cabins are all Austrian themed.

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