Here are three tips for hassle-free executive travel

Depending on the needs of your employer and the demands on your job, you may spend a lot of time traveling to other areas of your country and abroad. Whatever your situation, it is important that you have a good handle on all aspects of your business trips. Even though the admins in your office, may set up your plane and rental car reservations, you must be well prepared to take care of any last-minute changes or surprises that you encounter along the way.

To make sure you know what to do quickly while in transit, here are 3 tips for executive travel.

Tip #1 – Learn What to do Before You Find Out Your Business Travel Flight Has Been Delayed Or Cancelled

Before you receive notice that your flight has been delayed or canceled, you need to know what you can do to handle these situations. The information that you gather can make a huge difference in being on time for your meeting or not making it all. For instance, if you are on a tight schedule and you are actually leading the meeting and not just a participant, you need to think quick to see what can be done.

To start, to minimize these problems or eliminate them altogether, you need to identify the worst airports that you know have flight delays. In short, if at all possible, choose other connecting flights that will keep you out of airports like SFO, MIA, FLL, DFW, DEN, LGA, LAX, and MCO. You should also know what your rights are when you are traveling on business, specifically as it relates to cancelled flight compensation. Though unusual circumstances may not apply, compensation may apply.

Tip #2 – Find out How You Should Handle Problems with Missing or Lost Luggage

Even though most people know that it can happen, this is not a problem that you want to deal with or encounter at any time. However, since lost luggage can be a common problem in any airport, you need to know what to do to minimize the problems that it causes. For instance, to avoid problems with missing luggage, you need to know how to plan for these issues in advance. Most business travelers know to travel light by packing as little as they can.

By traveling light, you can carry everything that you need in a carry on bag so that it will not leave your side at any point in time (i.e. placed over your head above the seat that you are sitting). A carry on is also great for expediting time since you will not have to go to the baggage part of the airport to find your luggage before you can leave the airport. Instead, you can walk right off the plane to find a taxi to a rental agency inside of the airport to collect the keys to your rental car.

Tip#3 – Make sure to Buy Your Airline Tickets Well in Advance

If you know that you will be the leader of the meeting that you are attending in another city or state or one of the key participants in conducting training sessions, you cannot afford to be late or not make the business trip at all. Therefore, the arrangements for travel should never be delayed or made at the last minute. This is because last-minute plane reservations can easily compromise you getting to your destination on time. For instance, you should make sure that you buy an airline ticket that guarantees you a seat. Though you may want to buy a cheaper flight to save the company money, this is rarely a good decision, especially since it may cause you to get bumped by other passengers on the plane. You can avoid these and other similar problems by only buying an airline ticket that guarantees your seat on the plane.

If you do not want to encounter problems that can easily compromise the success of your business trip, you need to make sure that you are preparing well in advance. To ensure your travel is seamless, you must be prepared in advance by traveling light and only booking airline reservations for a guaranteed seat on the plane.

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