Here is why you should plan a holiday in your own country

When you think of going on holiday, most of us think of exotic places, whether that’s relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere or discovering a new city or culture. But have you ever thought about looking a bit closer to home? We often have hidden wonders tucked right under our noses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of travelling in your own country instead!

Easy to get about:
One of the first things to note is how easy it is to travel within your own country. You don’t have to worry about changing mone or speaking another language; you understand transport links and will probably have a better idea of the sights and destinations that you might want to visit. With all of the usual hassle out of the way, you can focus on enjoying yourself.

Learn about and really discover your country:
How much do you actually know about the country you live in? You probably know a rough history and have done some travelling, but there will always be somewhere new that remains a mystery to you, something to discover, something to learn about. If you live in your country of birth, then you can discover more about your own cultural history and if you are living somewhere new then you will feel a stronger identity within your new home as you learn more about it.

Eco Friendly:
People are becoming much more concerned with protecting the environment these days. Flying is one of the costliest forms of travel when thinking about the impact individuals can have on the planet. If the environment is an important consideration for you when planning a holiday, then looking a little closer to home could be a fantastic way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Wherever you live, you will be amazed at the options you have right under your nose. Human nature encourages us to look beyond the familiar and think about how the grass looks greener on the other side; however, as is often the case, we have everything we need right in front of us. Why not take this opportunity to enjoy somewhere fresh with minimum impact on the environment?

It’s affordable and adaptable:
One of the biggest things a home holiday offers is reduced costs. Although short-haul flights can now be found at reasonable prices, you have to factor-in multiple other costs. You must consider flights, travel to and from the airport, insurance and any extras, like vaccinations and extortionate exchange rates. It all adds up in the end and it can be quite expensive when you add in the extra expenses of multiple people.

Another benefit of travelling in your own country is that you know it well so you can find reasonable places to shop and the tourist destinations that are really worth the money. You are far less likely to be ripped off or caught in tourist traps or to be overcharged.

You will also find travel within your country of residence more adaptable to your normal work and life schedule. You may not have much time to take off; this is the perfect way of getting around this problem. It will make you view the weekend as an opportunity to explore and will lead you on plenty more adventures.

Visit family and friends:
In a world where we seem to have less free time than ever, it can be hard to find quality time to spend with family and we often bemoan how difficult it is to meet with friends. When you decide to holiday in your own country you have a wonderful opportunity to correct this. Why not use a holiday to visit family and friends? Or perhaps combine holidays and explore somewhere new together? Meet in the middle? It is cheaper and easier for everyone and you are bound to have a great time!

Holidays do not necessarily have to mean travelling. There are some people who prefer to use such free time to entertain themselves differently, to spend time on their hobbies such as mind sports like poker, physical sports such as football or tennis, or finish up some DIY in their homes. Some of them even prefer staying home and making the most of their free time by resting and enjoying a slower pace of life.

You have plenty of options to consider when planning a holiday in your home country. It is certainly something that can offer you a great deal of satisfaction and save you a lot of money. Next time you sit down to think about travel, then why not try looking a bit closer to home?

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