Here’s the easiest way to hire a private flight for your next spontaneous vacay

We have finally entered an era wherein arranging for private flight charters is no more a bane for instant luxury holiday plans. You can now book a business trip or land in time for a sunset dinner in the Bahamas with your beloved with Great Flight.

Great Flight is a private air charter company based out of Florida that can arrange private flights to anywhere, from anywhere, at any time. They offer a fleet of on-demand luxury aircraft and, when necessary, can arrange flights on any type of aircraft you choose With aircraft such as the Piper Meridian P46T Turbine and the Cirrus Sr22, they offer utmost safety and reliability for their discerning clientele.

One of the biggest advantages of considering a private charter instead of flying commercial is assured availability. Within minutes, Great Flight ensures that you get the best aircraft available, which is ready to take off, allowing you to stick to your schedule without compromises. Spontaneous trips often invite spontaneous reactions, hence if people want in on your pre-booked trip to the Caribbean, Great Flight gives you the power of flexibility with minimal notice.

On landing, you can holler an Uber Black Limousine to ensure that not a mile of your travel is devoid of luxury, often right off the wing. The crew is well trained, allowing you to feel at home by addressing them by their first names. They even provide a high-quality pair of Bose headsets, so that you can tune in to the live conversation between the pilot and the air traffic control. Have discerning culinary requests, Great Flight will arrange that surf and turf along with some champagne on ice if you desire.

Without spending hours at the airport or paying additional fees, you can enjoy the best aerial view that can be offered by any commercial airliner with a sure-shot window seat. On days when the weather or unavoidable air congestion affects your arrival destination, private air charters often offer the flexibility of taking the aircraft to another safe location, giving you a pause-free flying experience.

The good folks at Great Flight do not believe in ‘Jet Card Programs’. Their ideology is that ‘Jet Cards’ are designed to loot people by offering them a pseudo discount, whilst sticking to the original price. That’s why, most of the bookings done with them are direct, ensuring maximum transparency in the dealings they offer, which is often compromised when a broker is involved.

So, the next time you plan to surprise your best friend with a trip to the Caribbean, make sure you speak with Great Flight before booking your first-class tickets and enjoy in-air luxury concierge-level services at a great price.

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