Here’s what it’s like to take a First Class journey in one of Japan’s high speed bullet trains

Air travel in First Class may be a distant dream for many, but who says you need to be among the clouds to enjoy luxe travel? Japan’s high speed bullet trains provide a great travel experience without ever leaving the ground. A Japanese reporter for Rocket News took a trip from Tokyo to Aomori inn the Hayabusa E3 Shinkansen’s “Gran Class” and documented his experience for the website. We’re taking you through the high points of his exciting journey at 200 mph!

First class is a land of perks as all the drinks here from tea, sodas, ciders and wines to a list of beers and the Japanese staple: nihonshu (sake).
Passengers are given a delicious looking lunch box. You can choose from a Japanese or Western style lunch, though the Japanese version looks vastly more appetizing.
The lunch also includes a pastry and some nuts and crackers for snacking.
First class seating is every bit as fancy as you expected, with plenty of leg room even when the seat in front of you is reclined all the way back.
A set of instructions is provided so you can make sense of all the buttons on the seat. Seats also include a charging port for iPhones.
A blanket, shoehorn, eye mask and slippers are among the amenities provided and you can take everything but the blanket with you.

If a First class experience is what you want then you should seriously consider the shinkasen the next time you’re in Japan. The base price for one way travel is about US$91 with an additional $152 needed to upgrade to Gran Class. A first class jouney in the Hayabusa Shinkansen is definitely worth your while.

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