Holiday in space!!! 38 people have already reserved their space in space!

When you promise your wife a vacation in space and she doesnt believe you, ask her to read this article. You would probably be the 39th person to make a reservation for a holiday in space. For those who are oblivious to this fact, the Galactic Suite Project is a planned luxury resort holiday in space where guests will experience all the wonders of inter-galactic travel including weightlessness, meditative conditions and amazing views of Planet Earth. All the sight seeing, sun bathing and shopping will now be replaced by days of star-gazing, floating weightlessly, watching screens for information about the position and speed of the hotel or searching for geographical areas on Planet Earth through the windows. It would be an experience of a lifetime and that can be shared with your loved ones. Once in orbit, guests will have the opportunity to address the media and speak to their loved ones at home. The hotel will also provide special cameras for guests to capture the spectacular scenery surrounding them and they will be able send the images back to earth for their families to see.

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I have another solid reason to become a billionaire now and I would want to take this trip before my trip to heaven. Thirty eight travelers have already made reservations for the first flight which is scheduled for 2012. The journey of four days at a distance of 300 miles (450 kilometers) from the earth will cost each guest USD $4.46 million. According to me, no price is too steep for a trip that includes transport to an island in the Caribbean, an eighteen week intensive astronaut training program prior to the journey, and of course, the four days in space.

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