How Flying Business Class Will Give Your Holiday the Perfect Beginning

Arriving at your holiday destination tired, jet-lagged and sore, is a really negative way to start a holiday. Many travelers find that the first days are spent just ‘getting over the flight. Cramped seats, lack of legroom, and chairs that only go back a small distance can make traveling a highly uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. And then, at the end of the holiday, you have to face it all over again. For many of us, as we get older, the lack of comfort and the long sitting times are hard to cope with, and recovery takes some time. While there are special exercises one can do in a plane seat to help relieve aching bodies, long flights still take their toll.

Flying business class will transform your travel experience and may not be as expensive as you think. Many of us are conditioned to automatically assume that we cannot afford to fly business class. Still, when you consider the hours of agony in the economy and the days lost recovering, business class can make good sense. Check online with to find out actual flight costs. It may well be that you can scrimp on something else, even stay a day or two less, seeing as you won’t need the recovery time, and balance the budget.

A Great In Between
Business-class has many comforts and advantages that you will not experience with economy class, yet it is significantly cheaper than first class. Stepping up to business class will make your trip so much more comfortable, and you will be ready to enjoy your holidays as soon as you arrive.

It’s all in the Angle
Trying to sleep and even rest in straight back seats is really difficult. If you are traveling long-distance or overnight, you will find it difficult to relax in your chair, and you will become really uncomfortable after a few hours. Business-class offers much better seating options: cradle seats will allow you to recline 160 degrees, so you are almost lying flat; angled seats provide you with between 140 and 170 degrees incline, while flatbed seats are exactly that you get to lie parallel to the floor. Ah, now that’s comfortable.

Avoid the Herd
As air travel becomes increasingly popular, more and more people congregate at airports waiting for flights. And with regulations requiring flyers to be there so many minutes or hours ahead of flight time, spending extended time in the airport is not uncommon. You can be forgiven for feeling like you are in a herd of cattle as you patiently move along interminable lines. Business-class changes all that. With the business class, you will not have to contend with boarding crowds. You will be boarded from a different location with far fewer people. You will also get the advantage of waiting in a much more comfortable and even luxurious setting. Business-class lounges are first class and beat sitting in economy waiting for areas hands down.

Get your holiday off to a flying start and travel business class.

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