How to Make Your Online Experiences Feel Luxurious

There’s a certain opulence that goes along with online gaming. Today’s top venues are packed with slick services and entertainment that goes well beyond the casino floor. Restaurants, bars, and mini-theatres are all part of the modern land-based gambling experience. However, these links to the suave and sophisticated aren’t new. These venues have always had an air of sophistication about them. Take, for example, the Monte Carlo Casino. The original idea was the brainchild of Princess Caroline and Prince Florestan.

Monte-Carlo Casino” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Matthew_Hartley
By the 1860s, the first venue had opened its doors and, since then, it’s been associated with the rich, the famous, and the elite. It’s much the same when you cross over to the US and Las Vegas. Images of the Rat Pack from the 1960s show just how cool Sin City can be. Then, closer to home, there’s the inimitable image of James Bond. Always one for a game of chance, some of Bond’s most iconic scenes have taken place beside a card table.

Keeping it Classy
The point here is that modern games of chance can be classy and play host some of the finer things in life. Since the late nineties, the industry has gone digital. Online sites are now as popular, if not more so with some demographics, than their offline counterparts. Indeed, if you click here to read about the best online casinos, you’ll find that they offer hundreds of games in varying themes and options. In fact, such is the depth of the industry that companies are reviewed, rated, and given awards based on the games and services they offer.

Whether it’s receiving a silver medal for being an all-rounder or gold for offering great slots such as Football Glory and Gonzo’s Quest, there are accolades to be won. In turn, that means there’s competition aplenty. Today, online sites generate upwards of £47 billion a year. By all measures, they’re a hit. However, can these sites really recreate the luxury vibe their live counterparts are known for? The answer is yes, and it even elevates it if you have the right equipment. With some clever purchases, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Look Right, Feel Right, Play Right
The first thing you need is a chair. There are plenty of innovative seats to support you. However, we want a combination of style and substance. The Ekornes Stressless Magic has these two qualities in abundance. Thanks to its “multifaceted set of springs”, luxury leather upholstery, and ergonomic design, you get the ultimate sitting experience for £1,700. Once you’ve got the chair, you need a desk. This is where you can go as wild as your budget allows.

For something contemporary yet refined, there is the Macassar Ebony and Leather desk from Taylor Llorente. This masterpiece looks divine, but it does come in at a hefty £24,000. For something a little less expensive, the aptly named Monte Carlo from Denelli Italia is a snip at £1,711. Finally, once you’re sitting comfortably and have a place to perch your computer, you need a mouse. Although usability is the main buying criteria here, that doesn’t mean you can’t have something that screams opulence.

For the totally outlandish, the MJ Luxury VIP Mouse is covered in diamonds and costs over £25,000. If that’s too expensive, the MJ python leather mouse with gold plating comes in at the comparatively meagre price of £12,000. Naturally, there are less expensive options out there that can look just as impressive. However, the point is that you don’t have to settle for second best. If you want to pretend you’re James Bond behind an online card table, there are plenty of things you can do to play out that fantasy.

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