How to Plan the Perfect Family Trip to Iceland

If you want to take your family on an adventure that they will never forget, you should bring them to Iceland. Iceland is a magical place filled with wonders like lava fields, cascading waterfalls and magnificent nature. It doesn’t matter of your family is filled with hiking enthusiasts or a more mellow crowd, Iceland has something for everyone. One way to make the family vacation even more memorable is to travel around Iceland by renting a car. By renting a car when you visit Iceland it is possible to create your own travel itinerary for you and your family, pencilling in all of the popular attractions on the island, making sure that nothing is missed. It is also a great way of perhaps saving money when travelling which is always preferable. Rental cars in Iceland is a blooming business and there are several options to choose from when it comes to finding a good rental company to help you and your family find the best vehicle for your trip. It’s also a good thing to familiarise yourself with the island by checking out sites covering official tourism information, as well as making sure that you are aware of Iceland’s famously unpredictable weather. To make sure that every T is crossed before heading to this beautiful destination, here are some suggestions for planning the best family holiday in Iceland.

What to think about when planning your trip to Iceland?

1. Decide which type of trip is on the horizon
If the goal of the family vacation is to hike your way around the island then maybe you should head to the Landmannalaugar area and rent a 4×4 vehicle that allows you to drive more comfortably on the mountain roads. Maybe the idea of the family trip to Iceland is to sample the local cuisine, then perhaps it’s better to stay close to Reykjavik. By clearly mapping out the intention of the trip, it’s easier to plan accordingly when it comes to season, vehicle, accommodation as well as which sites to see.

2. When to travel to Iceland?
Iceland is spectacular at any time of the year. What differs mostly are weather conditions and which sites you are able to visit. In Iceland it is usually said that only summer or winter prevails. During the summer months the climate is a bit milder and you are able to access more of the island. However, during the winter months you are able to see the Northern lights. If you plan to rent a car and drive yourself, perhaps it’s best to opt for the summer months, especially if you are a first time visitor to the island.

3. Take note of the weather
Iceland is famous for its unpredictable weather. One moment you are enjoying the warmth of the sun, to be suddenly side-tracked by strong winds and rain. The climate also affects road conditions and road safety. Here it is best to seek advice from the local car rental company on how to best proceed with everything from which roads to drive on during which season to where you fill up on gas, where usually only credit cards are accepted. It may seem daunting but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring Iceland though, just exercise some caution.

4. Arrival
Most fly by Icelandair when wanting to visit the island and the first point of contact is Keflavik International Airport for foreign travellers. From the airport it is possible to pick up your rented vehicle directly or to travel to Reykjavik and start your family road trip from there. Many car rental companies offer a service which include the rental car being dropped off by the hotel, however if it is by campervan you have chosen to explore the island, there really is no reason to wait.

5. The vehicle of your choice
Once you have decided what type of road trip is on the horizon, it is time to research some alternatives for a vehicle. If you decide on driving around the Ring Road where it is possible to experience everything from black sand beaches to the hottest springs around, you will most likely need a 2WD. This is if you haven’t already decided that the family vacation is going to be spent in a campervan. Then there is another whole world of options. Ask the rental company for tips on which vehicle is best for you, take advice on everything from insurance as well as add-ons for comfort.

6. The itinerary
With everything from the famous Blue Lagoon to the Golden Circle, Iceland is an incredible experience with basically a National Park around every corner. For instance, Lake Myvatn lies in an active volcanic area, adding a bit of adventure to the hike and this is a great area for both solo travellers as well as families. Then there is the Kranavatn Challenge, taste the delicious local water in Iceland instead of buying bottled and be kind to the environment. You really can’t go wrong with planning a family holiday in Iceland, it’s just impossible.

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