How to spend a luxury vacation in Dubai

Dubai is for certain a stunning city which can be described in simple words, yet of great importance: opulence, deluxe, wealth and the list can go on. A luxury vacation in Dubai is not only a dream, but also an overwhelming experience that should be on top of the list for all travel lovers in search of marvelous places to see. There are so many things to see and to do, therefore, you should check in the first place what’s hot in Dubai and how money can be well spent. Here are some tips about Dubai if you are ready to enter a different world for a few amazing days.

Discovering Dubai on board of a luxurious car
Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls-Royces, Bugatti cars, McLaren sports cars and many other well-known luxurious vehicles are seen each day on Dubai’s impeccable roads, driven by wealthy sheiks, high-class business persons, VIPs or tourists. This is a daily picture of Dubai and its marvelous architecture seen on board of a luxury car. The Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai are the city’s top wonders which impress from the very beginning with their futuristic elements and the opulence that structure the overall picture. Made with innovation, top techs and tremendous imagination, besides lots of money, Dubai is the city of the future and it can be discovered on board of rented luxury cars that come with the highest comfort and complete lavishness.

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The marvelous beaches in Dubai
Dubai is home to deluxe hotels and accommodations, spa resorts and attractive beaches meant to please and comfort each kind of tourist, and luckily, this city is among top destinations worldwide. Jumeirah Palm Islands, for instance, in the proof that anything can be built, with vision, money and great engineers. This artificial man-made island made by Belgian architects hosts 5-star hotels, exclusive restaurants and bars, luxurious malls, themed water parks, hot night clubs and many more. Some say that it is a city within a city and the largest real estate ever built, where money does talk. Also, tourists in search of quality time can visit Dubai Creek, a saltwater bay and a historic place where trades used to be settled one hundred years ago. There are modern structures, sandy beaches and two different worlds that blend perfectly.

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It is good to know that visitors can benefit from top class medical services, among which, the dentistry in Dubai is extremely developed.

As a short conclusion, Dubai is definitely the place to be, the luxurious touristic destination where money represents no problem for most residents, businessmen, and sheiks who live in a city full of attractive opportunities, opulence, prosperity and good taste.