How using the right Hashtags can take the success of your travel blog beyond the horizon

Have you developed a passion for wanderlust? Do you like keeping others informed about your journeys and experiences? If so, you might represent one of the many thousands of individuals who regularly contribute to a travel-related blog. You may also be curious to learn how you can gain more followers and even turn a tidy profit as a result of your posts. The fact of the matter is that a standalone blog is normally not sufficient if you are hoping to reach wide variety of readers. Why are third-party sites such as Instagram essential to employ when gaining more followers and how can hashtags be used to your advantage?

Why Use Instagram at All?
It is only logical to address this question before moving on. One of the issues with popular blog portals such as Tumblr is that they do not enjoy a great deal of exposure as standalone pages. To be clear, we are not criticising these sites in any way. This has more to do with the fact that relying upon any single page is normally not effective if you hope to attract a wider audience. Search engines such as Google look favourably upon hyperlinking to other websites and in this case, Instagram is by far one of the most popular.

Another takeaway point to remember is that more than one billion users access Instagram on a regular basis (according to the latest statistics). It therefore makes sense to be able to tap into such a potentially lucrative marketplace. However, numbers alone may not be enough. It is also important to note that using the correct hashtags is just as pivotal in order to attract readers to your posts. How can you determine the top Instagram hashtags for your unique page? Let’s look at some universal strategies which tend to work very well.

How to Choose the Best Hashtags for the Subject at Hand :
We should first mention that generic tags (such as #nofilter or #photooftheday) will often work well in conjunction with more SEO-specific phrases. We are referring to keywords that tend to describe the posts themselves. For instance, let us imagine that your blog regularly reviews skin care products while travelling abroad. Some worthwhile hashtags could be “#toporganicmakeup” or “#youthfulskinwhiletravelling”. The key here is to determine which words and phrases have proven to garner the most amount of interest from your audience. There are numerous online tools which will enable you to optimise your efforts while more effectively targeting your Instagram followers.

In truth, a bit of trial and error might be required before you begin to notice and increase in the number of inbound hits. In the same respect, hashtags will change on occasion due to the latest trends and interests. This is why it is just as important to keep your content fresh and up to date. If you are able to employ an Instagram page in synergy with your standalone blog, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a greater amount of online exposure over time.

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