Hurray! The first museum dedicated solely to Daschunds is now open

After decades of showering Dachshunds with love, it certainly is time to celebrate their madness a bit more! And echoing back on the very same thoughts are curators Seppi Küblbeck and Oliver Storz, who have recently built the Dackelmuseum – A one stop place that exhibits every Dachshund goodie there ever was!

Opened in the city of Passau Germany, the Dackelmuseum houses over 4,500 dachshund-related exhibits, including toys, ornaments, musical instruments and other curiosities such as handmade puppets, sausage-dog postage stamps and even canine-shaped bread. Reference to history also proves that Dachshunds have always been the go-to dog for artists: Picasso had adopted a dachshund; Andy Warhol has owned two sausage dogs named Amos and Archie and David Hockney had created an entire series of paintings in awe of his beloved Dachshunds. So, it’s only seems legit that have an art-museum for these inspiring pooches.

Statically too, Dachshunds are high in demand with over 9,000 sausage dogs being registered with the kennel club last year. As stated by Küblbeck, “The world needs a sausage dog museum… No other dog in the world enjoys the same kind of recognition or popularity as the symbol of Bavaria, the sausage dog.” If you similarly agree, get yourself to the Dackelmuseum, situated at the very elegant Residenzplatz soon!

Where: Dachshund Museum
Große Messergasse 1,
Passau, Germany. +(49) 851 30439
Phone: +49 851 30439

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