Iceland Air debuts the world’s coolest plane – A glacier-themed Boeing 757

Out of all the looks you could imagine on a plane, a glacier is probably the last one. However, Icelandair is here to challenge our imaginations with just that. The airline recently introduced a Boeing 757-200 that apes Iceland’s most famous glacier – The Vatnajökull.

Being the largest and the most voluminous ice caps in the county, it’s no wonder it formed a strong source of inspiration for the airline. But what’s awe-inspiring is the details with which the cool wonder is replicated on the plane. Nothing short of an exclusive piece of art, the aircraft comes with an image of the ice-Landen structure all over its exterior. The nearly 3,100-square-mile river of ice with six active volcanoes beneath it is intricately painted on the jet’s outside by a team of artists who worked for a period of 24 days to finish it. The entire design used 12 Pantone colors and nearly 52 gallons of paint to reach its final look!

Inside the airplane, the main cabin boasts of blue ambient LED lights that take after the color of a glacial crevasse along with white-and-turquoise headrests. Even the drink carts and cutlery on board have been adorned with unique glacier prints. The Vatnajökull-inspired airplane hosted its first flight on the 13th of the month and is now flying over the Atlantic Ocean every day. Hop on it to sail on a sky- glacier, or at least its closest equivalent!


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