Inside of what would be the worlds most luxurious superyacht

The British concierge company Quintessentially has an ambitious project in the works which will pique the interest of the world’s billionaires. The company’s newest yacht is to be called Quintessentially One and it’s going to be a 722 foot behemoth which will host hot parties and also serve as a floating hotel for those who can afford it. Since the vessel will cost £250 million to build, you can bet that the price of being on board will be correspondingly high.

With a seemingly endless expanse of space available, this yacht will have a number of services like a spa, beach club, library and shops, so that guests are never bored.

The guests will occupy the yacht’s 112 boutique hotel style cabins as well a private residences that are available for lifelong leaseholds (they mean the life of the ship).

Residents of these floating homes will enjoy membership to Club One which will offer benefits like a private restaurant, private bar and complimentary beauty treatments.

Aaron Simpson, co-founder of Quintessentially, said “It will be the world’s largest floating private membership club.”

Thanks to their members-only criteria, the company is expecting the experience to be a unique and exclusive one for all their guests.

A maiden voyage has been scheduled for 2019.


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