Inspa World perfect luxury at mere $30 to get in

Looking for an exciting place for the whole family? Then check out Inspa World, a five-story 60,000-square-foot funhouse is an elaborate local copy of a jimjilbang, a traditional Korean 24-hour bathhouse where folks soak, steam, and eat together, and sometimes even sleepover. The lady’s bath has herbal steamers, supposedly very soothing after giving birth. Half the floor is a food court and the other half is a kitsch paradise: a green stone meadow coursed by a running stream and dotted with igloo-shaped saunas. The saunas are stunning. The gold one has tiles coated with 96 percent pure gold.

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To cool off, one enters the “Iceland” room, which is lined with frosted pipes. We had a mini-snowball fight. You can get a sea-salt pedicure or an organic peel, feel kneaded by a massage chair, or sack out in the designated sleeping area. Call it an aquarium for humans. You end up feeling like someone’s well-fed goldfish, darting around in the bubbles, wondering what is behind the next gilded rock.

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