Japan’s Saltasia- Rich relax here!

Japanese women surely know what the word luxury means and how to make the most of it. It doesn’t really surprise me to see the various ways they indulge in luxurious activities in their lives. I have now started believing it has become second nature to them. Salt Studio Saltasia ( luxury salt studio) is defining luxuries creating stylish salt rooms to promote anti-aging and relaxation for women. The atmosphere is supercelestial and uses hexagon-shaped, natural salt tiles on the floor, ceiling, and walls to create what feels like a honeycomb for relaxing. It like being on another planet altogether. You have no choice but to relax with ambient music and sounds, diffuse smoothly and create a soothing experience for guests who can stretch, meditate, and let off stress and behind the tiles are colored LED lights that contribute to creating the milieu.

Don’t mistake it for a sauna as this is barely 41°C, but the idea is to be able to sweat without having to push yourself through an intense 90-100° session as in a sauna. Since we are talking about luxury here, you shouldn’t suffer a stroke when I say that joining fees ranges from $1,000 to $25,000 and $250 to $2,200 per month for four sessions. If you still wanna go, Saltasia is located in Omotesando.

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