Jet Pack International offers the future of travel for $226,000

Who hasn’t fancied about flying in the air just like the Jetsons? As a kid, I always thought that when I grow up this will be my mode of transport. And thanks to the Jet Pack International, my dream can now be realized as they are all set to sell their Jet Packs. These turbine jet packs are supposed to have much greater flight time and be much safer than traditional jet pack technology. It is supposed to travel 16km without refueling. Now we’re talking!

Company chief executive Troy Widgery told the magazine that the joy of flying should not just be experienced by stuntman. “We are developing a consumer model… our dream is to make this affordable to the average person,” Mr Widgery said. “Everyone wants things to evolve to the point of The Jetsons, and I think it could.” Only that it will burn a hole in your pocket for $226,000.