JFK to NYC in just 8 minutes? You can do it on the Uber Chopper

I almost understand how taxing the car route is from New York City to JFK Airport, Thankfully, so does Uber. The taxi aggregate platform has been toying with the concept of helicopter commutes for a long time, and has finally executed it in New York.

The Uber Copter is exactly what you think it is; an ultra-luxurious mode of transport that allows you to forego the standard two-hour commute to JFK Airport, and replace it with a swanky eight-minute ride offering you unparalleled views of the city beneath.

While the service sounds almost ridiculous, it is priced at a reasonable price point of $225 – not entirely unaffordable. The Uber Copter lands at the nearest helipad, after which a car service drops you to your desired terminal. The entire journey is included in the pricing. Unfortunately, only diamond and platinum members of Uber’s reward system can avail of this service, which is set to roll out on July 9th, 2019.

“Our plan is to eventually roll out Uber Copter to more Uber customers and to other cities, but we want to do it right. The main goal of this initial venture is to understand the operations behind aerial vehicles,” said Eric Allison of Uber Elevate


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