It is not the movie ‘Minority Report’ but Dubai airport where the travelers eyes become their passports

Artificial Intelligence continues to amaze us. And in the latest on the block, we have news of an all-new iris-scanner at Dubai Airport that could enable passengers to use their eyes as passports! Yes, that’s right! Known to be the world’s busiest for international travel, Dubai Airport has launched the program amid the surging COVID pandemic to ensure social distancing, lesser human interface, and ease of travel.

The contactless technology has been offered to all passengers since last month wherein travelers step up to an iris scanner after checking in, give it a good look and pass through passport control within seconds. It cuts down the time and human effort spent in browsing through paperwork and phone apps for clearance.

Commenting on it, Major Gen. Obaid Mehayer Bin Suroor, deputy director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, said, “The future is coming. Now, all the procedures have become ‘smart,’ around five to six seconds.” However, the misuse of biometric technology continues to raise questions.

As stated by Jonathan Frankle, a doctoral student in artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Any surveillance technology raises red flags, regardless of what kind of country it’s in. But in a democratic country, if the surveillance technology is used transparently, at least there’s an opportunity to have a public conversation about it.”


[Via: AP News]

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