KLM flirts with the future – Installs facial recognition systems for boarding at Schiphol airport

Many of us have lost out on hours of our precious time at boarding terminals on airports. Unless, playing tick tack toe on your phones while waiting in never-ending ques excites you, you too would welcome novel technologies that facilitate easier and quicker boarding with open arms. Giving you a happy dose of news on these lines, is Dutch Airlines- KTM that is all set to use a novel face detection software to help make boarding a hassle-free experience for passengers.

The unique biometric boarding technology has been designed to dispense the need of showing the passport or boarding pass at the terminal gates. Passengers, however will be asked to register beforehand at a special kiosk for scanning their passes. The airline also assures that traveler’s personal data will be erased immediately after the boarding and any remaining information will also be deleted from the kiosk center within ten hours. As of now, the system is installed only at a single gate at the airline’s home airport of Schiphol in Amsterdam and is expected to be in place for a trail period of three months.

KLM’s move is in line with the airlines ongoing partnership with the airport to improve the overall boarding experience and thereby transform the facility into a “leading digital airport” by 2018. In fact, airports and airlines worldwide are making use of novel technologies to better passenger experiences. Time for industries other than aviation to take some ques as well!

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