KLM lets you to design personal luggage tags

So what if one does not travel by personal jet, personal luggage tags will definitely make you feel ultra privileged. Swooping on the budding business trend of engaging consumers into the brand experience, Dutch airline KLM recently kicked off a new concept that allows passengers to design their own luggage labels, free of charge. When booking a flight online, passengers get the chance to design two luggage labels. Customers can create their own baggage labels using a favourite holiday snapshot, company logo or creative design. Less imaginative customers can pick one of KLM’s pre-selected images.

Although the majority of them upload holiday snaps, a picture of themselves, their children, or their pets. Luggage labels and straps are subsequently sent to passengers who submit their designs at least two weeks before departure. KLM’s personalized labels are currently only available to customers in the Netherlands, but the promotion might also be rolled out internationally. The concept is also available to other brands in other countries. Custom luggage tags make a noticeable, personal impression as gifts and are a great way to advertise too.

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