Krug is in the Air – Champagne Balloon Trips

So if you have the moolah to spare and want to do something out of the ordinary with your family that you have stashed away the “Krug is in the Air” champagne balloon trips are the way to go. Krug, which is the French champagne house, has found a new way to attract luxury customers – by offering them the world’s most expensive hot air balloon ride. Lifestyles of the rich and richer indeed! These rides are available in locations all around the world in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Tuscany, France – and Gloucestershire.

Each ride is meant for a group of eight people. And aside from the obvious about this ride (gleaming hardware, basket lined with premium white leather), the customers also get gourmet meals complete with champagne and butler service – all of this of course while you are airborne and admiring the scenery from way above sea level. A package for eight comes for €50,000 ($77,790 USD). This price includes voyage, gourmet dining, champagne, and butler service. International flights, transfers, and accommodation cost extra.

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