Kuwait’s Silk City is truly a city of dreams.

‘Silk City’ is what they call heaven on Earth. And Kuwait is where the heavens are falling. There is nothing that is not available here and that too in abundance. Right from a vast National Wildlife Refuge is in the works to medical treatment along with fresh, healthy food will be accessible on foot for 80% of residents. Kuwait can also boast of housing the the tallest building in the world, the Mubarak al Kabir Tower, at 200 stories and comprised of seven distinct “vertical neighbourhoods.” If you are still wanting more, then its good as you can add to all the above the four main quadrants of the city which comprises of Finance City, Leisure City, Culture City and Ecologic City. London based design firm CivicArts/Eric R. Kuhne are all set to become immortal in the pages of history by the year 2023, and with the government investing $132 billion, there is no stopping the Silk City from becoming the city of our dreams.

What needs to be seen is how the plans to incorporate such enclaves as “Film City” and multiple “pleasure facilities” materialise. Maybe it’s that the intentions aren’t just outrageous but highly-regimented. The planners are busy designing 28 different “lifestyle zones” specifically branded by interest (sports, film, media, etc). I think I know where I’ll be living in the year 2023. Your guess is as good as mine!

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