La Compagnie offers unlimited business-class flights all year for $35,000

Business travelers often deal with unpredictable schedules and itineraries that change on the go, which is why booking business trips could be one of the most harrowing experiences for assistants. This is where something as simple, flexible, and convenient as this offer from business-class-only airline La Compagnie fits in.

Travelers can now avail of flights all year long for a single fee of $35,000, and by this, we mean unlimited flying between London, New York, and Paris. The L’Unlimited package may be expensive, but for truly frequent fliers, it shaves off all the hassles of dealing with flight schedules that correspond with their business meetings. Other than making the payment without the aid of credit card installments, the only other mandate to avail of the services is to take the first flight by December 15th, 2017.
La-Compagnie-unlimited-business-class-flights (1)
A number come in tow, including free cancellations up to three hours before departure, a personal concierge to handle all bookings, and in-flight luxury of lie-flat seats and Samsung tablets to entertain you. Only 10 unlimited tickets will go on sale starting July 18th. Unlimited airline air-passes aren’t something new. Last year we discovered a pass that could fly you across Brazil at a great price too,

The company currently flies a pair of Boeing 757s and has commissioned another airplane. Speed may not the real sell here but for business travelers this seems just right.

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