Let’s take to the sea for $1 billion

Instead of getting yourself at the end of a long queue for an air ticket, you have an option that can make traveling on a business trip more than luxurious. The biggies in the Market are gearing up with the idea of super-luxury liners that can be adopted by those who can afford them. To start off with we have the 160,000-tonne liner called the Independence of the Seas. It will be arriving in Southampton at the end of this month. There’s also the ever luxurious Royal Caribbean liner that is in line with the biggest liners in the world. And this claim is justified since the crew on the ship serves a total of 100,000 meals a week to a total of 3,600 passengers.

This is the end of the days for the air travel maladies that many people are subjected to. However, taking advantage of these liners needs you to be at least a billion bucks rich.