Elevated suites will let first class passengers to doze off above other passengers

When they introduced lie-flat beds in buses we were all like ooh aah and all. And now people can travel in luxury AND comfort … in air. Intelligent people make use of trendy technology and come up with things that might make life look like a sci-fi movie, but also clearly more convenient. Just as we read in awe of the super cool Etihad A380, here comes a concept design that is taking up a lot of attention in the aviation sector. Atlanta-based company Formation Design has come up with a premium lie-flat seat concept which has already won an award, 2016 Crystal Cabin Award.

If the concept gets the interest and investment from an airline, for which the search is currently taking place, then passengers are in for a treat – seats that can be converted into beds, using the vertical format of an airplane. There will be a throne or suite seat which is elevated over two floor level standard suites. This is meant for first and second class passengers – for starters. The design was shown in a Boeing 777.
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[ Via : Dailymail ]

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