London bags the honor of Most Expensive city of Europe followed by Paris

Here is an amusing survey for all those who enjoy reading the latest surveys, especially if you plan a trip to Europe. In a poll conducted by TripAdvisor’s website, nearly 2,400 travelers gave their views on different European cities, and the results were definitely shocking. No city was spared in this survey where the travelers voted for London as the dirtiest in Europe, home to the worst-dressed people, and the most expensive. But the real shocker was Paris that was voted as the least friendly city and the second-most expensive! The city known for its romantic ambiance and lovely people had to sacrifice this title to Venice. But all was not lost; London and Paris made a comeback in this poll. Paris was voted as having the best cuisine and best-dressed people, while London was seen as having the best nightlife, best public parks, and most free attractions.

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So if you wish to go according to this survey, Dublin is the place to go if you seek friendly people. For health freaks, Denmark is the apt choice, while for shopaholics, Prague is the way to go. But one place you have to avoid is Brussels, which was voted as the most boring!
Surprisingly as these stats are, they reveal the changing times and interests of the travelers of today.

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