Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison touted to be the most luxurious LV store

New Bond Street in London is one of the world’s premier locations for international luxury brands. When you speak of luxury brands, the first name that comes to your mind is Louis Vuitton, which has made this location it’s home or more than a century. Strengthening its bond with this elite locale and the city of London itself, the luxury brand on 28th May opened doors to its latest venture, New Bond Street Maison. This Maison, which reflects Louis Vuitton’s rarest collections, is conceived as the home of a collector who loves only the best and the rarest. Situated at the junction of New Bond Street and Clifford Street, this newest Maison is touted to become LV stores’ most luxurious. The store features the signature golden, logo-inspired, mesh cladding that has become an inseparable feature of Louis Vuitton’s Maisons worldwide.

The luxury experience begins at the entrance itself with visitors entering the store via a bridge that gives spectacular views over one of the most amazing features of the store – a glass staircase with 23 square meters of glass tread surface that includes LEDs, the frequently-changing film and artistic animations. Accessories, including rare items, occupy the ground floor of the store. Men’s and Women’s’ watches are displayed in their own secluded corners to be viewed in comfort. The range of watches includes a temporary exhibition of one-off Haute Horlogerie models, the Tambour Tourbillion, and Tambour Mystérieuse. Besides the exquisite timepieces, visitors can also view the LV’s first High Jewellery collection, “L’AME DU VOYAGE.” Smartly designed, customers will find various sections spread across the floor, each dedicated to scarves, bags, etc.
The Lower Ground floor is dedicated to the men and features everything from men’s bags, scarves, and other accessories to a full range of men’s ready-to-wear and shoes. The first floor is an area for temporary exhibitions. The first exhibition is devoted to Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear designs by Marc Jacobs. This floor is the Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison Librairie, a unique cultural concept within a retail store. There are four main components to the Librairie, from bespoke books of original, fine art limited edition prints to Louis Vuitton’s own publications and rare collectible titles.
The second floor, dubbed “The Apartment,” an open plan space which can be sectioned off to create individual suites, all equipped with striking fireplaces, as well as antique and vintage furniture, and artworks by high-end artists such as Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hans Hartung which can only be accessed upon invitation, via a private lift.
An experience in itself, everything from the amazing displays in the stores seven large display windows to the interiors are made to bedazzle the LV shopper.

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