Louis Vuitton’s vintage wardrobe trunk is still fashionable

In the mood for some nostalgia, then be prepared to break the bank for Louis Vuitton’s vintage wardrobe trunk. Fish out $29,850 for this 1920’s trunk and its all yours. Measuring all of 25 7/8 in width, 24” depth, and 2 3/8” in height, this trunk must have been a traveler’s delight in its time. Bearing the very famous “LV” logo, this sophisticated trunk is fixed with six leather-covered drawers for valuables. It is also fitted with 14 wooden hangers for fine and delicate garments. The trunk’s velvet-lined lid and fabric screen ensure wrinkle-free protection. The rare trunk is in excellent condition, and it still bears the original label with the manufacturer’s name and serial number. For this, we have to give high marks to the luxury luggage manufacturer Louis Vuitton. Who else can boast of such durability?


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