Louwman Museum: Home to world’s largest collection of automotive art opens to public

If you are a car enthusiast, you must definitely make it a point to visit Louwman Museum in The Hague. The museum that just recently opened to the public boasts of the world’s largest collection of automotive art. Home to the private collector Evert Louwman’s (now you know where the museum gets its name) extensive range of over 230 historic cars, it is like a shrine for the automobile enthusiasts. The museum is designed by American architect Michael Graves strove to give the structure an identity of its own. The museum’s design incorporates Dutch elements alongside modern elements. The bricks in the facades have been laid in a special woven pattern while the roof is slate-tiled. The Great Hall forms an east-west backbone through the building, distinguishing the lofty exhibition rooms from the smaller, public rooms by the main entrance. An octagonal pavilion at the rear of the structure that functions as an exhibition area connects beautifully the structure with its surrounding landscape.

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Landscape architect Lodewijk Baljon can be credited for designing the lush park that surrounds this automobile museum. Looking more like a majestic estate than a museum, this monumental structure is as much a showstopper as its occupants.
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