Lufthansa’s Business Class seats extend into full-flat beds

Lufthansa’s business class onboard the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is known for its high luxury quotient. And now, it has added a new feather to its hat. The ultra-modern seats in its aircraft convert into fully-flat, horizontal “beds” as you are seated with comfort and ease. These seats are 1.98-metres in full length and are set in pairs. However, you get full privacy as both seats are turned away thanks to a special “V-formation”, giving you double the distance away from your neighbours but at shoulder level.

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If you like looking at the clouds on during flights, you can continue cloud-gazing with more style, ad you get more leg room now. Plus you can go in and out of your seat without getting ugly stares from your neighbour, even when he’s asleep.
As far as ergonomics is concerned, all seats face in travel direction, so you won’t feel dizzy. The seats are well cushioned and sport adjustable armrests and a fixed ottoman to double as a footrest. Moreover you can also expect five-centimetre crevices in your seat’s central console for more headroom and better neck support. Finished with an adjustable 15-inch personal screen, just pick the best seat settings and the multimedia programmes to have a happy journey!
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