A Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter Equals the Perfect Christmas Getaway

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to the vision of swaying coconut palms on a white sandy beach, lapped by impossibly clear, turquoise waters and bathed in glorious sunshine. While this might not match the quintessential version of a snowy, white Christmas that we’re all accustomed to through literature, advertisements and popular songs, there’s still something magical about celebrating Christmas in the tropics.

Although brief days, long dark nights and frigid temperature might represent the norm at this time of year across most of the northern hemisphere, there is one place that offers a break from the cold and a welcome dose of bright, sunny Christmas cheer. The islands of the Caribbean promise balmy sea breezes, quaintly colourful colonial towns, delectable rum-based concoctions and Christmas carols tinged with a subtle reggae beat. Truly, there can hardly be anything quite as exotic or exquisite as the prospect of Christmastime in the Caribbean.

Once you’ve wrapped your mind around the concept and decided to forego the winter blues for an enchanting Christmas getaway in paradise, there’s really only one way to have the very best experience of these islands during the festive season – a yacht charter.

Caribbean Yacht Charters Let You See More of the Islands
One of the very best reasons to consider a Caribbean yacht charter – at Christmas or indeed at anytime throughout the seemingly endless winter months – is the unparalleled ability it gives you to island hop. If you were to head to the Caribbean without the benefit of a superyacht at your disposal – ready to transport you from one glorious isle to the next at your whim – you’d most likely be limited to staying in one spot for your entire holiday.

Air travel nowadays, and even more so over the Christmas season, can be time-consuming and crowded. So, after arriving at a chosen destination, after a long flight, most would prefer not to have to climb onboard another plane until it’s time to return home. This can be doubly true in the more remote islands of the West Indies, where flying from isle to isle is often far from simple or easy, involving small and frequently delayed planes following somewhat convoluted and inconvenient routes.

All of this can end up discouraging visitors to the Caribbean from checking out more than one, much less several, of these spectacular islands on the same trip. And, when you factor in the additional hassles that inevitably accompany Christmastime travel, chances are that a conventional air-and-land holiday would force you to choose a single island for your Caribbean getaway.

However, when you take advantage of a yacht charter, you’ll be free to discover more than one incredible West Indian destination. In fact, you can move from island to island, in sublime comfort. All you need to do, is mention to your captain the isles that most interest you, or the sorts of things you’d like to see and experience, and you’ll be on your way. From secluded coves with untouched beaches to lush rainforest ecosystems, and from charming pastel-hued ports to soaring volcanic peaks, there’s virtually no limit to what you can discover onboard a Caribbean yacht charter.

A Christmas to Remember onboard Your Floating Home away from Home
Another element that makes a luxury yacht charter the best bet for your Caribbean Christmas celebration is the personalised service you’ll receive. With a dedicated crew, there specifically to take care of your every wish, you’ll be able to enjoy the exact Christmas traditions – old and new – that you both expect and have always wanted.

Spending Christmas in a resort, even the most superb establishment, inevitably means that you’ll have to compromise on some of your desires. Because, no matter how well-trained the staff are, it’s next to impossible to be able to meet all the varying needs of hundreds of guests, all at the same time.

Yet, onboard our own luxury yacht, you and your family, friends and guests are all that matter to the crew. They are there to see that your specifications are completely fulfilled and you wishes met and exceeded on your Christmas yacht charter. Whether you would like to toast the sunset on Christmas Eve overlooking a sparkling harbour in Martinique or St Lucia, or you’d like a Christmas feast of roast turkey with all the trimmings, prepared just how you like it by your personal chef, and served up on deck with a panoramic view of the aquamarine sea spread out under a cloud-free sky – whatever your ideal Christmas dreams might be, your crew will go out of their way to make sure that they come magnificently to life.

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