Luxury Holidays on a budget

There are times when only a luxury break will do, but what do you do if your bank balance can’t afford the high price tag that a 5 star property charges? If you are arranging an anniversary getaway, a honeymoon or a celebratory vacation, you want something a cut above the standard, but finding ways to get a touch of luxury at an affordable price may be a challenge. Luckily, although it may not be easy, it certainly isn’t impossible, so here are some suggestions for ways to get luxury holidays on a budget.

Be Flexible With Dates
If you can pick and choose any time of year to take your vacation you should look for the times of year when prices are lower such as at the end of the season or at an off peak time. If you are happy to take a shorter duration trip you will find that you can get a lot more from your budget.

Find Good Discounts
Cut the cost of your hotel room by using coupons, promo codes and available discounts. Many booking websites like release regular promotional offers that let you book luxury accommodation at a fraction of the advertised price. A little research can save you big bucks.

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Consider A B&B Instead Of A Hotel
While a luxury hotel may be the first thought in your mind when considering 5 star accommodation, don’t be too quick to dismiss luxury B&Bs. Often much cheaper than a hotel, the best bed and breakfast accommodation offers impressive facilities, stylish rooms and elegant surroundings as well as an experience that may be even more attentive than a hotel or resort.

Use Your Celebration As An Advantage
Sometimes, if you are taking a break to celebrate an important event such as an anniversary or honeymoon, you will be offered discounts or upgrades. Make sure that you always mention your special occasion to your chosen hotel and see if you can benefit.

Use The Sales
If you don’t have a particular destination in mind and are booking your accommodation at the last minute, you should always check out what is on sale. Many travel websites offer flash sales giving you excellent discounts on luxury travel and all inclusive resorts. Checking out the budget section of luxury travel companies is also a good idea. While their standard offerings are probably too costly, you may find an excellent deal in their budget section.

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Stay Closer To Home
As you might imagine, long haul travel can be extremely expensive, but if you stay closer to home you can enjoy a more luxurious break at a lower cost. Remember that your luxury holiday isn’t always about the destination, but often it is more about the experience that you can enjoy. If you are planning on spending more time enjoying the facilities of your accommodation such as the spa, restaurant and inclusive activities rather than exploring the local surroundings, it makes no difference whether you take your break in a hotel near your hometown or in a resort overseas.