Luxury Opulent Air Travel! A Luxury Must Have

Like a luxury yacht and a gold-encrusted iPhone, luxury air travel defines opulence. Here, your hard work is rewarded as you can avoid flight issues, keep your world exclusive, and enjoy the best services that money can buy.

There are practical reasons for flying via private jet. Around thirty thousand flights are cancelled per month and over a half-million delayed worldwide. This takes the excitement out of any trip, no matter your destination.

Chartering your own plane removes the uncomfortableness of flying. You have the best of the best in the sky, and it is all yours.

Chartering your Own Jet
Chartering a jet couldn’t be simpler thanks to JetApp, a dynamic app designed for this purpose. It allows you to book a flight from the palm of your hand. When you charter a flight, you can reach places commercial airlines cannot. This puts more of the world within your reach. It also significantly more convenient. You to take off from smaller airstrips which can be a great option if you are flying internally or a short-haul flight.

Chartering your own jet also brings:
Great food– A chartered flight worth its sort comes with excellent chefs who prepare a menu to your specifications.
Fly direct– Life’s too short for transfers and time is money.
Space– Your plane will be like an office or lounge in the sky. You’ll have space to work or the room to relax.
Excellent cabin crew– You will be looked after from the moment you take off to the moment you land.
Check-in and Security– This happens so fast it will feel like arriving at the airport and boarding the plane. No lengthy wait or delays.
You Fly to your Schedule– You don’t have to bend your schedule to see what times planes are arriving and departing. You define the schedule. It works to your wishes.

Other options are available where you can decide how you’ll get to the airport. This includes chauffeured limousine or helicopter travel. The choices are yours, and you can customize each and every flight.

Business and Pleasure
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, chartering a plane is the luxury must have option. You and your teams can work like you were in an office. You arrive refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to do the business. Such a contrast from arriving tired, jet-lagged, and in need of a shower and rest.

If you are flying for pleasure, well you arrive at your hotel ready to explore. Rather than having the headaches of getting through customs, and baggage collection, your priority service will see you whiz through and to your hotel or villa. Travel as it should be.

You can charter a jet for any kind of flight you can think of. This includes sightseeing tours over a beautiful landscape, to city breaks where your plane will jet you across the world, allowing you to take in city by city.

The options are endless. The options are yours.

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