Luxury caravan by A-Cero is designed for long term living

Time and again we have featured a number of luxury caravans. And every time I think I have seen the ultimate luxury motor home, I am left eating my own words as a new one rolls into the market. Making me eat my words yet again is the latest luxury caravan from the architectural studio, A-Cero. One look at this luxury mobile home, and you realize this is definitely the ultimate caravan out there today. Designed for long term living, this luxury caravan comes complete with a garage to park your car! Its interior is done up with Corian furniture pieces, which are designed to reduce vibration during movement. The interior, which is done in white with hints of black, is subtle yet elegant and definitely doesn’t fail to live up to your luxurious standards. Cozy yet spacious, given a choice, I personally wouldn’t mind living in this luxurious motor home. Just roll over for images of this luxury caravan.

A beauty, it will surely have no problems finding buyers.

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