Lyft Premier sees you step into the luxuries of BMW, Audi and Cadillac

It never gets better than stepping out of a luxury sedan. Of course, getting from one place to another may be one of the main reasons you pick a vehicle ferry service in the first place but think about the luxury of getting there during the journey. That’s something that the all-new Lyft Premier program offers on a silver platter. This enriching ride of luxury and comfort is available on the same car-ordering mobile platform. All you need to do is opt for Lyft Premier, and for a fee that is a little higher than the usual, you will be teleported through luxe and the comfort of ample space, let alone everyone giving you a second look as you step out of a BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Lexus ES, or Cadillac Escalade.

The service is currently available only in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. This is expected to expand to other geographies across the country soon. A special discount is available for users who use the service with the promo code, ‘LYFTPREMIER20’. Otherwise, the prices of the service can be twice as high.

[ Via : Slashgear ]