Macallan has unveiled a shiny new $190m distillery, and it is stunning

Boring distillery visits are a thing of the past! Enter Macallan’s brand new distillery in Scotland, that promises to transport you into a breezy little world that you wouldn’t want to return from! Located within the spiraling mountains of Speyside, the new property is a cut above its previous version, that failed to provide an exclusive visitor experience like its reinstated counterpart.

An investment of £140 million later, the whiskey making building is refurbished from a crippling cluster to a state-of-the-art production cum tourist hub. The new facility is designed to produce up to a third more whisky than its predecessor, thanks partly to the 36 new copper stills built by Forsyths. It further comes with a gigantic visitor space that features interactive “pillars” showcasing the brand, a moving glass sculpture, and a significant collection of 398 bottles. Tourists can also take-home souvenirs and other purchases from the exclusive gift shop that is located within the sprawling premises of the distillery.

The star of the refurbishment though is the undulated green roof of the building that is made up of 380,000 individual components, all adorned with native grasses and wildflowers. Below the complex top, the building is strategically divided into five cells, each showcasing a modern modular approach. Tours to the newly constructed structure will be limited to a batch of 12, to providing an intimate experience of sorts to all those who set foot on the awe-inspiring Macallan distillery! This one calls for a revision of our good old bucket lists!


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