With beds for seats these four movie theaters take comfort to a whole new level

Nothing can replicate the feeling of quiet contentment that comes from lying on your sinfully plush mattress while watching a new movie. Let’s be real though, theater seats are hardly the most comfortable and even on a good day we find ourselves wishing we could drag our comfy beds to the theater and sink into it, surrounded by popcorn and candy. Guess what, we’re not the only ones with a passion for dreamy mattresses and blockbusters! When Ikea promoted their mattresses by filling Paris’ Olympia Theater with plush beds, global theaters took this idea seriously and devised their own lavish cineplex slumber parties inspired by the Olympia. Here are our top picks of theaters with deliciously alternative seating

4. TGV Beanie in Malaysia
They may not have beds, but luxurious comfort is still the name of the game at the Beanie chain of theaters. They offer movie lovers a chance to sink into their seats and enjoy the informal relaxation of a beanbag chair. Each seat accommodates two and is the perfect cushy companion to your movie. The icing on the cake? Beanie’s seats give you give you about 2 meters of legroom, to stretch out and really relax.

3. Blitz Megaplex in Jakarta, Indonesia
Blitz offers it’s patron a higher end “Velvet Seating” option which refers to seating in the form of sofa beds. Though steeply priced (Velvet seating can cost anywhere from double to four times the cost of a regular ticket), velvet seating is popular with young couples who can unwind together watching a movie and sharing a snack on Blitz’s handy snack tables.

2. Electric Cinema in London England
English folk certainly like their creature comforts! London’s Electric cinema offers a variety of seating options within the same theater including armchairs, sofas and full sized beds. Forget flimsy futons or narrow cots, this is wide, spacious furniture that’s fit for kings. Located right at the front of the theater, these decadent offerings allow you to lie back, enjoy the movie and forget your cares.

1. Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok
Last on the list is our top pick for an indulgent movie experience: the Paragon Cineplex in Thailand famous Siam Paragon Mall. The theater beds resemble something right out of a Middle Eastern palace; sizable and adorned with plush pillows and cushions. At about $91 per ticket, service also includes a complimentary alcoholic drink, appetizers and a serving of popcorn brought to you by the waitstaff. The theater seats only 34 people, so you can bask in the knowledge that you’re part of a very exclusive club.

Offering indulgence and exclusivity, theater beds are a cool new take on the traditional movie viewing experience.

[Via – Rocketnews24]