Movie Make-Over Room at the Daniel Galvin salon will meet all your starry requirements

Those looking for the ultimate star treatment when it comes to salon will surely love the Ultimate Make-Over Room at the Daniel Galvin salon in London’s landmark hotel, The Corinthia. A destination for the rich as well as the truly spoilt, this room is a world first and offers 100% privacy to visiting celebrities, actors, actresses and guests who wish for some exclusive treatments. An almost invisible door leads guests to the Ultimate Make-Over Room which has been designed using insights from the leading light of the Hollywood ‘behind the camera’ scene and Oscar winning make-up artist, Lois Burwell. The perfect setting for actors to get their much needed beauty care, this exclusive room even features Kino Flo lighting that imitates everything from on camera HD to outdoor lighting.

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Spacious enough to allow the make-up artist and hairstylist in sync with each other, this room has two screens in which offer a choice of a constant stream of live TV or the pick of over one hundred of the world’s most iconic movies to entertain the guests.
Complete with charging facilities and Skype facilities, actors can even upload the rushes of their latest movies to give the stylists an idea of what they are looking for. Rightly named, The Ultimate Make-Over Room is truly the Ultimate offering in salons.
[Daniel Galvin]

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