Mustang Ranch is the most luxurious whorehouse in the USA

One can view this as an austere attempt to turn the most ill-reputed and oldest profession called prostitution into a classy affair of sorts. A legal brothel has been built near Reno, Nevada and it has been recreated to offer modern day luxury such as cabaret with live entertainment, fully equipped spa, and 10 deluxe suites. The idea was conceived by life-partners and business partners Lance Gilman and Susan Austin who are working to turn the Mustang Ranch Brothel into Ritz-Carlton of brothels. The name has been coined from Nevada’s first licensed brothel and also built on the very same site where the historic whorehouse existed before. The brothel, unlike other legal brothels in the world, seeks to earn 40 per cent of its revenue from goods and services unrelated to private time with the ladies.

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Customers can stay the night at the resort unlike other brothels and it costs them nothing to stay at the resort. Guests only have to pay at least one of the women to accompany them around the Ranch at all times, even if the guest brings another guest along. There are about 50 sex workers at the resort who have training in both nursing and psychology, attempting to transform their image as caregivers rather than ill-reputed prostitutes.

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