New first class and business class seats for Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has breathed some new air into their business class and first-class sections. The first-class compartments are 20% roomier than what they earlier were and are available in the 1-2-1 configuration. The seats are draped in fine leather and have a sliding table that can be placed between the seat and the ottoman. You can have a cozy time with your secretary thanks to the privacy partition that is placed in between the seats. This can be lowered when not needed. There are cool 19-inch screens and noise cancellation headphones to keep you busy all through the trip. The seats recline to 180 degrees.

In the business class the seats can be reclined to 171 degrees. The travelers are treated to some cool entertainment from the 15.4 inch display screen. It also features a “sky gallery” that includes a photographic exhibition (for some kind of inspiration I presume). For a better flight experience you know which nation needs to be your destination. Sayonara!

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